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“Could God and creation be the same reality, like water and ice, both sharing the exact same essence? The mystic says, “Yes!” and the implications are mind-blowing!”

“You are not simply connected to God, every aspect of your being is divine! God is not just deep within you at a special place, you are divine at every level!”

“It will seem as if you are opening up to more and more of God’s love and you will finally see that God’s love for you has always been a perfect match for your needs at every moment.”

“When we celebrate both our uniqueness in form and our unity in our Divine Essence, we find the deepest inspiration that opens up our loving hearts to everyOne. It is only through the many that we can share the One Love of God.”

   - Thomas Razzeto from his book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment.

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How My Teachings Are Unique

Here's the text from the back cover of my book, expanded just a bit for my website:

Get clear now about enlightenment, personal peace and conscious creation


My most passionate teaching offers you the idea that you exist in the most fundamental way as pure awareness, as the open capacity for experience. We have all heard it said that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but instead, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. While that shift in understanding is of course very important, there is still a deeper wisdom. In truth, you are not a being of any kind, physical or spiritual. You are pure awareness! And most importantly, this awareness is the Divine Awareness, the only reality that was not created. This Divine Awareness is the source of all of creation and it is the only witness to it. This is your true fundamental self and this Source-Awareness is looking out of your eyes right now!

By “fundamental self,” I mean what you really are when stripped of everything that is not essential. Although you are fundamentally “only” pure, formless, transcendent Awareness, through the mystery of creation, you arise as the totality of created reality (all form) and you experience your life from the perspective of your own “personal self.” In this way, the One Self arises as all apparent selves. This is how the One becomes the many. The intuitive recognition of this is what creates tremendous love and compassion for everyOne. You are inspired to engage in life in a wholesome, unselfish way and to make the world a “better” place, as seen from the perspective of our ordinary world.

Personal Peace

The deep, intuitive recognition of your True Self is one of the core aspects of enlightenment. The other aspect is the ability to unselfishly flow in harmony with all that life brings forth. This book will help you become more skillful in the art of love and acceptance and in doing so, you will more easily experience a deep and lasting personal peace.

Yet you were not created to just sit still in a state of peaceful acceptance. You are here to joyfully and fearlessly dive head first into your life in your own unique way.

Conscious Creation

Many of us have heard the phrase “you create your own reality,” but this does not mean that the universe is your personal mail order catalog, simply waiting for you to clearly make up your mind and place your order. If you are open to a deeper understanding of that phrase, then you are ready to make some real progress. This is more about removing blockages than the pursuit of specific outer circumstances, although having a clear focus can be very helpful.

When you release your limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it, you will be free to put your values of kindness and compassion spontaneously into action with an aliveness that cannot be matched!

So what do you think? Are you inspired to learn more about the paradox of enlightenment? If so, this book just might offer you the clarity you have been looking for!

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Living the Paradox of Enlightenment

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