What 2012 Means to Me
Awaken to your eternal awareness now!

An Essay by Thomas Razzeto
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2012: Inspiration for being in awe of the miracle of life itself!

Did the Maya make the calendar simply because they could even though it was difficult? Was it a way of boasting or did they want to give us something, perhaps an invaluable treasure? The calendar clearly points to the rhythms of nature. What could they possibly want us to think or do in response to pondering the continuously reborn cycles of the day, the year and the great year? Their metaphor involves lovemaking and birth. Do they want us to contemplate the question of life itself? Do they want us to ponder the process of creation and the source of our very being? Do they want us to contemplate who we are at the deepest level?

I think that the Maya personified the sun because you are like the sun. From our perspective on earth, the sun is born when it rises and it dies when it sets. But from a perspective out in space, we see that the sun is never born and it never dies; it is essentially eternal. Is there a different perspective, a larger framework, that reveals that our true self, our fundamental unconstructed self, is indeed also without birth or death? Are we also eternal?

We have all seen a new-born baby. While holding this new unique, precious person, many of us have been awestruck by the thought that this is indeed a miracle. And yet, how many of us have forgotten that all of us have never stopped being this miracle? When we look into the world around us, each person we see is a miracle and when we look into the mirror, we see a reflection of one of the most interesting examples of this miracle.

Perhaps the Maya are simply pointing to the rhythms of nature as a way of pointing to the miracle of life itself. The motion of nature is the motion of life! Without providing us with simple, obvious answers about what will happen to us in 2012, perhaps their intention is to inspire us into being in a state of wonder and awe about life as a profound mystery.

Life can be difficult. It takes hard work to maintain our existence on the physical plane. This daily burden can wear people down and even break their spirit. In addition to that, it seems that some people lose their sense of wonder when people explain things with science. Indeed, in today's world, many people believe that science has actually explained what life itself actually is. But has science really explained the mystery of life? Do you personally feel that you know what life really is? This not knowing is an essential aspect of the creation of this state of wonder and awe and this state is one of the treasures that is waiting for all those who dive deeply into this mystery. This awakening can be experienced as a fundamental rebirth of the self.

And yet, in my opinion, the Maya want us to do more than just contemplate; they want us to actually find answers. Yet answers to questions this deep are not appreciated as much when they are simply given to you. Furthermore, these answers are often resisted or even rejected if they are pushed upon you from an apparent authority. Answers to questions this deep really begin to mean something only if you find them for yourself. Yet it can be very significant if someone points you in a fruitful direction and perhaps even helps trigger your own mystical experience for the core of this wisdom is not available through logic alone. Becoming fully alive by completely embracing the world exactly as it is and awakening to the process of conscious creation are two important rebirths but our deepest and most fundamental rebirth occurs when we awaken to the divine nature of all of reality and discover our true identity.

According to John Major Jenkins, the purest meaning of 2012 is found by examining the most immediate and primary evidence left by the Maya, which are the stone monuments and carvings in Izapa, Mexico, the birthplace of the Long Count calendar. Here we find a message of transformation and rebirth, not doom and gloom. John and many other people go even further and state that there is a link between the specific periods of the processional cycle and the levels of human consciousness yet I personally do not take that view. While I could be wrong, it doesn't seem to me that we had a golden age 13,000 years ago or that we have to wait another 13,000 years to build one. I think that the transformation and rebirth metaphor is operating completely outside the boundaries of any particular rigid time structure. In other words, the message of 2012 is not limited to the time of 2012.

The Hindu also talk about a cycle of human consciousness rising and falling yet their ages are reported to last hundreds of thousands of years and the golden age is said to be over a million years long. Again, I don't think that this is meant to be taken literally and I certainly don't think that it's linked to the cycle of precession. Yet even if it was, it seems to me that what is said to be our current peak of darkness would be very broad since precession is so slow. In other words, we have already been in it for over a thousand years. Perhaps we should not expect a radically different world to arise suddenly in 2012, although that might happen.

In my opinion, the calendar is not a psychic prediction of any kind. I think that the Maya are trying to inspire us into being fully alive and to recognize the opportunities that we always have in every moment, not just in 2012. For me, the sacred triple rebirth of the sun is a timeless metaphor about spiritual awakening. It is about what can happen now, not what will happen then. For me, 2012 is about holding each and every new moment in wonder and awe as the eternal now is continually born anew. For me, 2012 is about awakening to our eternal awareness.

If I write a poem about enlightenment and spiritual awakening and use the sunrise as a motif since that is the time when our dark world is infused with light and we are all awakened from our physical slumber, the poem should be taken as a reminder that spiritual awakening is possible at any moment. It certainly should not be understood to say that we are all going to become enlightened during the next sunrise, although that may happen. If people were to become focused on the time of the sunrise because they think something special will happen at that time, they will have missed the point of the poem. The same thing is true for the sacred triple rebirth of the sun in 2012. It is a reminder that we all can awaken to a new spiritual level at any moment.

By the way, I have heard some people say that in order to awaken spiritually, you need to have your heart win its battle with your mind. But please consider this. Your mind holds ideas; your heart holds emotions. Your mind can hold true ideas or false ideas. Your heart can hold hatred and fear or love and peace. At the deepest level, only false ideas can prevent you from being at peace. There is no battle where your heart must triumph over your mind. Instead of a battle, think of it as the pursuit of truth and peace. Work towards tuning your mind into the truth and your heart into love and peace.

We all have magnificent opportunities before us. Both as individuals and as a society, one of the most fruitful shift awaiting us now is the shift from competition to cooperation. When we all sing out in unison, One for all and all for one! we will all live in peace.

The End


This essay is an excerpt from Mystical 2012. For the entire 35-page essay, click here.


Thanks for reading my essay! Have a magical and mystical day!

Thomas Razzeto

Written: September 22, 2009

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