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Turmoil Inside, Trouble Outside
The Circle of Unconscious Creation

A Nondual Essay by Thomas Razzeto
© Copyright 2008 by Thomas Razzeto

I'm not one of those people who believes that there is no such thing as evil, at least from the human perspective. I look into the world and see endless examples of innocent people being intentionally harmed by others.

City after city is troubled with high crime rates and even with all of the money and effort that is spent on the problem, it remains a significant issue. Is there a better way? Is there something that we are missing? What should we do with people who do harm?

I would like to start my answer with the following skit.

Imagine that you are a woman walking back to your car at night. You see a suspicious man up ahead and you start to worry. Suddenly, he leaps out at you and pushes you into the bushes while you desperately scream for help!

Fortunately, a police officer is cruising right by. He jumps out of his car, rushes over to you and proclaims, “We are all one! Everything is beautiful! Everything happens for a reason!”

You frantically shout, “Hey, if I wanted to listen to that kind of nonsense, I could go to one of those crazy churches on Sunday! I need help now! Get this guy off of me!”

Now, in a strange way, the things the officer said may be true. From the mystical perspective, everything is ultimately the eternal divine essence in various forms. But that doesn't fully address the question about what to do with this attacker, does it?

Of course the officer should grab the guy, handcuff him and take him to jail. He shouldn't be allowed to run around in society and attack people. He's dangerous! I believe that it is good and proper for us to protect society from dangerous people.

But that is not all there is to the picture xxx and this brings us to the subject of xxx. In my opinion, the most important part has to do with the thoughts that we choose to think while we deal with these people and the emotions that we experience as a result of those thoughts.

Our example may also have a racist aspect to it with some people thinking, “Those dirty, no good people always come into our neighborhood and cause trouble! They are so worthless that they don't even deserve to exist!” Actually, as you know, in situations like this, many of their thoughts would be much harsher than that.

And what are the results of these judgmental thoughts? Do they themselves have an effect? Do these thoughts immediately affect the person thinking them? Do they attract more crime in the future?

This is the process of creation. I believe that most people would greatly benefit by learning what I call “conscious creation” rather than using the habitual, reactive “unconscious creation” seen all throughout society.

The first step in conscious creation is to make a distinction between “inner creation” and “outer creation.”

Inner creation is the creation of your emotions, your personal subjective experience of the immediate moment. The significance of this cannot be overstated since these are the actual experiences that make up your entire life!

Inner creation instantly creates any human emotion from pure agony to total ecstasy. Each and every human being can experience all of these emotions. And, while we all can create these emotions consciously by choosing our thoughts and attitude, most people unconsciously create them with habitual thoughts and reactions.

Outer creation is a process that unfolds through time. It's the attraction of people, things and events into your life. These are all outer conditions.

Your thoughts and attitude instantly create your emotions of the moment and your thoughts, attitude, emotions and beliefs, which are habitual thoughts, attract the conditions of the outer world as time unfolds. The outer reflects the inner and it all begins with a thought. When you are aware of the process, you can consciously choose. When you are unaware of the process, you just react habitually, usually following the dictates of society.

If I hold emotional judgment in my heart in the form of frustration, anger or hatred regarding the current conditions of the world, those emotional seeds will, in time, bring forth new corresponding disharmonious outer expressions such as tension between other people and perhaps even violence or war.

Since I may also emotionally reject the new outer conditions that arise, I may find myself stuck in a circle of unconscious creation, a circle of disharmony. This is basically what is happening all throughout the world today in every aspect of society.

It is important to note that the circle of unconscious creation is a private, personal experience under the direct control of each individual. Yes, there are also dynamic energetic connections between people but the important point is that each individual has control over their own thoughts, which is the origin of their emotional experience, which in turn, attracts the outer events as time unfolds.

In our earlier example, the attacker may have felt anger towards society for various reasons, perhaps because he did not feel accepted. This anger may have churned within him every day and continually dominated his inner experience. Finally, one day, he snapped into action and lashed out against an easy prey. This is not meant to justify his actions, only to help explain them.

Meanwhile, what is going on in the hearts and minds of other people?

The community may plant seeds of hatred towards criminals as the media expresses anxiety about the crime rate and sensationalizes violent crime. These seeds are nurtured over time with habitual, judgmental thoughts and grow to attract new troubling events into the community.

In addition to feeling anger towards these criminals, people may also have a chronic fear of crime in general. This fear may start out with thoughts such as, "I am always vulnerable to dangerous criminals everywhere I go. I am not even safe in my own home!" This steady thought of ever-present danger creates an unnatural, constant fear.

Both fear and hatred work together to act as a powerful magnet to attract difficult events. It's not that God or the universe punishes people for thinking bad thoughts, it's simply that they are attracting what they focus on. It is also important to note that our culture has an overwhelming focus directly on violence itself as revealed by what we see on TV and in the movies. These are disharmonious seeds and they can only produce troubling events.

Presently, we try to deter crime by adding more police and taking other measures, but this does not really remove the fear. In fact, these things usually confirm the belief that danger is always everywhere and that the constant fear is justified.

If the real cause of crime is the attraction generated by fear and hatred, then no matter how many officers you have, there will always be crime until the fear and hatred are removed.

Today, there is little concern for the health and well-being of people who have stumbled in the eyes of the law. If we think that criminals are permanently defective people and treat them with scorn, we create a situation that has little chance of getting better.

In a nutshell, the mistake we are making is that we fear crime and hate the criminal. We should shift towards simply protecting society by disarming the criminals and removing their access to society while treating them with genuine compassion during their detention. We should keep them in custody until they shift their attitude. Their confinement is not meant to be a punishment. We don't want them to suffer; we just don't want them to be able to do any more harm.

If we shift our thoughts and attitude to genuine compassion, it will change the seeds that are planted into seeds of harmony.

We don't hate our children just because they sometimes behave badly. They need to build their own character with our guidance. If they see that we really do care for them even though they might misbehave at times, they are more likely to correct their attitude and actions in a way that goes to the core of their being. They can truly transform themselves. Only they can do it but they may need us to provide the essential guidance to do so.

We should treat our misguided adults in a similar fashion.

And these same principles apply to war. Often, some people support a particular war while other people speak out against it. If you could look into the hearts of all these people, what would you find? I suspect that you might find plenty of anger and judgment, and perhaps even hatred and fear in both groups. The military generals may hate the enemy and be angry at the peace demonstrators while the demonstrators may hate the war and and be angry at the generals. And both groups may fear a terrible outcome if they don't get their way. But all this judgment, anger, hatred and fear will not bring us peace, it just attracts dramatic outer conditions that match the turmoil felt within. In order to reap a peaceful future, seeds of peace need to be planted in the present.

We are all one family. When we work together, when we stop competing and start cooperating, we will bring forth the fruit of cooperation, which is peace in the outer world. We can all work towards this goal by using our own power of thought to create personal peace within each of us now.

If you are inspired, start meditating and study the works of mystics and nondual teachers. I suggest that you take a few minutes once or twice a day and do your own meditations for both personal and world peace. You can get more guidance on my website.

Thank you for your help! Have a magical and mystical day!

Thomas Razzeto

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