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Timothy Conway, my mentor for the ancient wisdom regarding your True Self

Timothy Conway 2005

By the time I was 50, various people and channeled entities had been telling me for half of my life that I was divine, and I had some intuitive knowing that this was indeed true. But the light bulb really turned on for me when Timothy Conway told me how this was true for all of us. We all find our supreme divine nature in our awareness, the One Divine Awareness. It is here where we find our True Self.

Timothy’s satsangs were an excellent match for me and I attended almost every week from June 2005 until June 2016, when he and his wife Laura moved to Arizona.

Thomas Razzeto and Timothy Conway
Thomas and Timothy hiking in Santa Barbara in 2017
Photo credit: Our dear friend, Jeroen Veenenbos

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Here is Timothy Conway’s gigantic website, perhaps the single most comprehensive website about enlightenment and spiritual awakening:

Here is what Timothy offers about himself from his own website.

And here is one of Timothy’s shortest articles: Our Real Nature.

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Satsang Video Excerpts

Since Timothy did not want any videos taken of him giving his talks, I simply added some still photos of nature that I took around Santa Barbara to his audio. He also did not want very many still photos taken of him either, hence the photos of nature.

NO ADS - These videos play without ads because they are hosted on my website rather than on YouTube.

Here is an excerpt from one of Timothy’s satsangs where he talks about the Buddhist concept of anatta:

Here are my thoughts: Anatta – “Not Self” Rather Than “No Self”

Here is another excerpt about shunyata as openness rather than emptiness:

Here Timothy speaks a bit about Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Here Timothy speaks about our true nature as pure, formless Awareness:

Here Timothy speaks about being wide open bliss:

Here Timothy speaks about intuitively knowing Host Awareness:

Here Timothy speaks about entering the stream, a precursor to enlightenment:

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Timothy Conway’s audio recordings - An invaluable treasure chest of profound wisdom

Timothy Conway March 2014
Here is Timothy, right before one of our weekly meetings on March 18, 2014.
I recorded all of the audio you hear on this page in this room.

Here are four complete satsangs that I highly recommend:

Timothy Conway - Full satsang from January 6, 2015 (1 hour and 25 minutes)

Timothy Conway - Full satsang from April 7, 2015 (1 hour and 2 minutes)

Timothy Conway - Full satsang from October 13, 2015 (40 minutes)

Timothy Conway - Full satsang from May 10, 2016 (1 hour and 31 minutes)

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Timothy always ended his satsangs with joyful songs of celebration and devotion (bhajans). Here are two of them.

The first one is led by our dear friend, Jeroen Veenenbos, who came all the way from Heidelberg, Germany, to meet Timothy in person.

Timothy Conway and Jeroen Veenenbos
You can visit Jeroen’s website here: Embodied Self-Recognition.

Satsang singing from August 25, 2015 with Jeroen leading (4 minutes)

The second song is led by another dear friend, Lalana, who attend Timothy’s satsangs for over a dozen years.

Timothy and Lalana
Lalana and Timothy June 7, 2016

Satsang singing from August 25, 2015 with Lalana leading (9 minutes)

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75 hour of completely free audio recordings

If you have enjoyed the audio recordings that are here on this page and you really want to spend lots of time listening to Timothy, there are 75 hours of FREE audio recordings on my Google Drive organized in folders: Satsang Audio Recordings.

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Timothy Conway was on Rick Archer’s "Buddha at the Gas Pump" twice

Rick Archer has interview many of today’s most well-known spiritual teachers for his very popular "Buddha at the Gas Pump" (BatGap) show. So it was nice that Rick had Timothy on twice, which is rare. Timothy’s first interview was in July of 2010 for almost 2 hours. This is an excellent way to get a feel for his personality and what he teaches. Here’s the video: Timothy’s first interview.

The second interview was in September 2016: Timothy’s second interview.

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By the way, if you are wondering why you have not heard of Timothy, well, it is because he spent quite a bit of time taking care of his sweet wife, Laura, who was facing some challenging health issues for a very long time. Sadly, Laura passed away in January 2023. Because of this and because he did not want to make a business out of "selling" enlightenment, Timothy chose not to "put himself out there" with travel, lectures, workshops and retreats. I am grateful to have lived close to him while he was offering free weekly satsangs. This was such a blessing and I appreciate it beyond measure!

Here is what Timothy wrote about his precious wife, Laura Conway.
(Since they were together in Santa Barbara for most of their time together, this notice was placed in the Santa Barbara Independent.)

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I hope this material helps you get a feel for both Timothy’s personality and his perspective on this ancient wisdom.

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