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Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts
Jane Roberts

I started reading some of the Seth books way back in 1980. There are many Seth books and I have only read a few of them. Everything I read was very good and I highly recommend these two books: The Nature of Personal Reality (1974) and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (1991).

Here are two short audio excerpts from some channeling sessions in Jane's livingroom:

Seth: Your beliefs form your reality:

Seth's suggested prime belief:

You can also find some videos on YouTube that were taken at Jane Roberts' house way back in the 1970s. While these videos are roughly 50 years old, their content is still quite beneficial. Here is one example from June 1974 that shows Jane simply as she is normally (briefly) and it also shows her channeling Seth. Note: At 50 seconds, when Seth says, “your response to our friend here,” Seth is referring to Andy, a person in the room. At 3:15, Seth refers to Andy by name when he says, “our friend, Andy, is so sincere and so intent …” I hope this clears up any confusion about that.
Watch Jane channel Seth on YouTube (27 minutes)

If you are inspired, you can look for more YouTube videos by searching for:
Seth Jane Roberts

If you would like to learn more about what Seth has to offer, perhaps you will enjoy It is run by Rick Stack, who personally attended over 100 Seth sessions given by Jane Roberts at her home in Elmira, NY starting in the early 1970s. After Jane passed away in 1984, Rick worked for 20 years with Jane's husband Rob Butts on the publication of previously unpublished Seth material. Here the link:

Rick Stack's website: Seth Center

Seth Center offers books, audio recordings, online courses and conferences. Here is one of the Seth books I recommend:

A Seth Book: The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know

Another helpful website is The Seth Learning Center. This website also offers books and audio recordings. (I do not know the relationship between these two website.) Here is an example of an audio clip you can listen to for free:

Seth: The Cause and Solution to War

Here is the wiki for Jane Roberts

Jane was married to Robert Butts and they both did some wonderfully creative work outside of their work with Seth. Jane passed away in 1984 and Robert passed away in 2008.

I hope this material helps you get a feel for both Seth’s personality and his perspective on conscious creation.

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