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The problems we see in the world today, whether seen on a personal level or on a global scale or anywhere in-between, can only be solved when people learn much more about who they truly are and how the process of creation actually works. That is why those two subject are the focus of the two longest chapters in my book. Timothy Conway and the channeled entities listed below are the most significant teachers who have guided me on my path of spiritual growth. Perhaps you will find some benefit in exploring what they have to offer.

Timothy Conway, my mentor for this ancient wisdom regarding your True Self

Thomas Razzeto and Timothy Conway
Thomas and Timothy June 28, 2016

Timothy is an expert in all the ancient nondual traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and so forth. I attended Timothy's satsangs every week for 11 years while we both lived in Santa Barbara. This is why I refer to him as my mentor rather than just another one of my teachers. You can get a feel for what his satsangs were like by visiting this page: My mentor, Timothy Conway

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My teachers for conscious creation

Many of us have heard the phrase “you create your own reality.” In a general sense, you (as a soul) can incarnate in every way imaginable yet you have chosen a certain theme to explore in this life. So you cannot "be, do and have whatever you want" in this lifetime, as many teachers claim. What is most helpful now is releasing your unnecessary limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it. Then you will be free to joyfully explore your chosen theme and put your values of kindness and compassion spontaneously into action with an aliveness that cannot be matched!

One of the most important ideas of conscious creation is that you are truly sovereign over your own experience, over your own life. No one else can impose their will upon you without that action being consistent with your own core beliefs. What is happening all around the world is that almost everyone holds core beliefs that effectively give power to others and this creates many experiences that seems to demonstrate that you can indeed be the victim of the choices and actions of other people. To change to a positive experience, you must shift your core beliefs about your own deservability from negative to positive. It is not enough to simply say “No!” or fight those who are pushing you around. Yet this is the approach that most people take, hence our problems remain. Similar comments apply to being the victim of fate rather than other people.

The shift to a clear understanding of the process of creation will also bring you the full understanding of your own personal power, which is truly the power of God flowing through you. This is the most important shift available to you and you will only learn by doing the exercises and using the tools that are offered. This shift will transform you and when it catches on for the majority, it will transform our world. World peace is built one person at a time by people who learn to love peace rather than hate their enemies or even simply hate war itself. This is what motivates me to do the work that I do.

Here are the four teachers who helped me gain clarity about conscious creation. Click on the picture or the link for much more material including some audio and video plus links to helpful websites.

Elan and Bashar, as channeled by Andrew Bayuk

Andrew Bayuk channeling Elan circa 1992
Andrew Bayuk channeling Elan circa 1992

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Alexander, as channeled by Ramón Stevens

Ramón Stevens with Robert Butts
Ramón Stevens (left) with Robert Butts

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Seth, as channeled by Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts
Jane Roberts

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Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar
Darryl Anka channeling Bashar

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