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         My mentor, Timothy Conway

Timothy Conway 2005

By the time I was 50, various people and channeled entities had been telling me for half of my life that I was divine, and I had some intuitive knowing that this was indeed true. But the light bulb really turned on for me when Timothy Conway told me how this was true for all of us. We all find our supreme divine nature in our awareness, the One Divine Awareness. It is here where we find our True Self.

Timothy's satsangs were an excellent match for me and I attended almost every week from June 2005 until June 2016, when he and his wife Laura moved to Arizona. Here are some links that will help you get a feel for who Timothy is and what he teaches.

Here is what Timothy offers about himself from his own website.

Here is Timothy's gigantic website, perhaps the single most comprehensive website about this ancient nondual wisdom:

And here is one of Timothy's shortest articles: Our Real Nature.

Here is John LeKay interviewing Timothy via email for Nonduality Magazine.

And here is a YouTube playlist I made using some of my audio recordings of Timothy to which I added some still photos that I had taken: YouTube playlist.

For those of you who like to listen and want to go into this wisdom in a very deep way, here is a link that will tell you more about the 75-hours of completely free audio recordings that I made at some of Timothy's satsangs: satsang audio recordings.

Timothy was interviewed by Rick Archer for his very popular "Buddha at the Gas Pump" (BatGap) show in July of 2010. Rick has interview many of today's most well-known spiritual teachers so it was nice that Timothy was also given a turn. This is an excellent way to get a feel for his personality. Here's the link:

Timothy Conway on "Buddha at the Gas Pump" with Rick Archer

By the way, if you are wondering why you have not heard of Timothy, well, it is because he is a very loving husband and spends quite a bit of time taking care of his sweet wife, Laura, who is facing some challenging health issues. Because of this and other reasons, Timothy chose not to "put himself out there" with travel, lectures and workshops. I was lucky to live close to him while he was offering free weekly satsangs. This was such a blessing and I appreciate it beyond measure!

I hope this material helps you get a feel for both Timothy's personality and his perspective on this ancient wisdom.

In truth, I honor your divine nature.

Thanks for visiting, Thomas Razzeto

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