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Facebook Page for Thomas Razzeto

If you feel inspired, you can "Like" my Facebook business page. If we have met online or in-person because of my work, "Liking" my business page is much better than requesting to be a "Facebook Friend" on my regular personal page. When it comes to Facebook friends, I usually only confirm family members and close personal friends. I hope you understand.

When you "Like" my business page, you will automatically see all my posts about my work but I will not see what you post on your personal page. That is why this is sometimes called becoming a "fan" rather than becoming a "friend" but I think you see why this is a good way to go.

As you know, to become a friend, a request must be sent by one person and confirmed by the other. But notice that anyone can "Like" anyone's business page and become a fan. There is no request that needs to be confirmed, so that makes it really simple.

So just click here to go to my Facebook business page and then click "Like." You can also click "Message" and send me a short note but I actually prefer email. I do like to interact with people who like my work and have questions so don't be shy. Go ahead and get in touch.

In truth, I honor your divine nature.

Thanks for visiting, Thomas Razzeto

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