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7 Week Online Class
Living the Paradox of Enlightenment

Living the Paradox of Enlightenment

Subject matter: This class will cover my book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment, which is about 170 pages in paperback format. You will be able to quickly and easily tell if my work is a good match for you by reading the free essays on my website, many of which are excerpts from the book.

Online class duration: One 90-minute online meeting per week.

Next online class starts: To Be Announce - Email me if interested.
This class will meet online every Tuesday at 7:30 PM Pacific.

Note: If there is enough interest, more classes will be offered on different days of the week and in different time slots to accommodate people in other time zones.

Note: If there is enough interest in the Los Angeles area, an in-person class will also be offered.

Software: We will use the Zoom software. Learn more about Zoom here.

Suggested donation: Zero. While a donation is not required, they are appreciated. Donations can be made at any time: before, during or after the class. There will be no official check-in procedure. Just show up using the Zoom link that I send you.

Other optional costs: It would be nice if you would purchase a copy of my book through Amazon and leave a review. This allows Amazon to mark that review with the “Verified Purchase” stamp, which adds credibility. The book is available in three formats: Kindle, paperback and hardcover. If you want to take the class without buying the book, just me know via email.

Sign-up: Just email me and ask to be in the class.

Table of Contents of Living the Paradox of Enlightenment:

Forward by Timothy Conway
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Why Do We Call It Nondual Wisdom?
Chapter 3 – Is the World an Illusion?
Chapter 4 – Your Core Beliefs Create Your Perspective
Chapter 5 – The Mystic’s View
Chapter 6 – Can You See the 3-D Dinosaur?
Chapter 7 – The Passing of Tookie Williams and My Experience with the Gift of Deep Sorrow
Chapter 8 – The Illusion of Solidness in the Dream World
Chapter 9 – Yosemite: 75 Miles
Chapter 10 – Your True Self Is the One Divine Awareness
Chapter 11 – Mystical Optimism – How to Glow with the Flow
Chapter 12 – Seth: "You create your own reality!"
Chapter 13 – A New World: The Shift from Competition to Cooperation
Postscript - Two Short Essays:
The Loving Heart of Enlightenment
Anatta – Not Self Rather Than No Self


Chapters 10 and 12 are by far the longest chapters in the book. All the others are fairly short. This is why I divide the book as you see below.

Week 1 – Chapters 1 – 5
Week 2 – Chapters 6 – 9
Week 3 – Chapters 10, first half
Week 4 – Chapters 10, second half
Week 5 – Chapters 11 and the first half of Chapter 12
Week 6 – The second half of Chapter 12
Week 7 – Chapters 13. We will also have a general review and final questions.

Reading assignment: Please read the chapters listed above before the start of class. I suggest that you do more than simply read the material, take some quiet time to really ponder these ideas – use many different thoughts. Then, if possible, meditate on just a few of the core ideas – stick to just a few thoughts. This will help you formulate your best questions and help you get the most out of what I offer.

The class will not be rigidly structured so we will be free to explore these delightful topics in a way that will be fun and interesting. Please join us if you are inspired!

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Thanks for considering this class. In truth, I honor your divine nature.

All my best, Thomas Razzeto

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