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What Is Your Soul?

by Thomas Razzeto

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Having a practical understanding of what your soul really is will significantly deepen your personal peace so this is not just an academic question. It has real value and can greatly improve your experience of daily life.

Ian Stevenson, Steve Tucker and others have conducted research on the past life memories of thousands of children and their work proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there is something that survives the death of the physical body. This is what we often call the soul and many people have proven to themselves that it exists by having their own out-of-body-experience.

It is very helpful to recognize that your soul is in charge of the general circumstances of your life while your personal mind is in charge of the details within that larger theme. Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka, puts it this way: “[T]he freewill of the higher consciousness [soul] usually will express itself in your terminology as what you perceive as predestination or fate but it only expresses its freewill in that sense in the most generalized of terms. All of the specifics of how you experience the freewill of the higher consciousness is up to the freewill of the physical being you are in this world at this time.”

So your soul chose the specific time, place and circumstances of your birth and it continually chooses all the general circumstances of your life as it unfolds. The physical mind continually makes specific choices about what to pursue within this ever unfolding theme.

If you work towards a goal that is outside the boundary of your theme, you might become frustrated because no matter what you try, you will not make much progress towards that goal. The important thing to learn here is that it will help to pick a new goal that is within your theme. But don’t worry, even though you can’t always get what you thought you wanted, you can still live a happy and fulfilling life by learning to tune into the guidance of your soul, which always points towards a joyful and peaceful path where it is easy for you to “glow with the flow.”

Meditation can help you find your own unique, wholesome (unselfish) inspirations. When you only pay attention to the outer world, you will not easily perceive the guidance of your soul and this will make you feel like a small person without enough power to deal with the things you think you need to handle. Meditation will help you develop a clear perception of your soul’s guidance. When you act upon this, you will do so with more joy and peace. Your personal mind becomes peaceful when it learns to trust your soul.

By the way, the shift from thinking “I am not good enough to be loved” or “I don’t fit into the world” to an open, receptive posture for the love and support from the ever-present divine power is the most important shift in core beliefs that most people can make. This will help you be reasonably happy right now and it is easier for a happy person to be a loving person. (You can read more in my essay, Seth: “You create your own reality!”)

Now there is something else about the soul that I want to talk about. I will approach this point by talking about both your body and your soul because they are each like a window. It is easy to see that your physical body acts as a window into the physical world since your five physical senses allow you to perceive the physical world that is all round you.

While this simple idea is all we need for this essay, a medical doctor would be surprised that I have not even mentioned that the body has eyes, ears, a brain, a heart, lungs, and so forth. Yes, of course, there is much more that can be said about the human body, but we don’t need to master that knowledge in order to understand the simple point that the body acts as a window into our physical world. In a similar way, we don’t need to master the full knowledge of the soul in order to appreciate the important point that the soul also functions as a view point, a window.

During normal states of consciousness, your soul permeates your body and the window of your soul lines up with the window of your body. This provides your awareness – your power of sentience – with the opportunity to witness the objects and events that are within the scope of the viewpoint provided by your body and soul working together.

When you are asleep and dreaming, your soul permeates your dream body. Similar to before, your dream body and your soul work together and this gives your power of sentience the opportunity to witness the objects and events within your dream world.

And here is a key point: While everyone has their own body and soul, there is only One Awareness. What seems like your power of sentience is really the One Awareness looking out through your own eyes, just as it looks out through the eyes of every sentient being.

This power of sentience, this open capacity for experience, is what you truly are fundamentally. What I am getting at here is that you are not fundamentally your body, and you are not even fundamentally your soul. Instead, you are fundamentally pure awareness, the One Awareness.

We have all heard it said that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but instead, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. While that shift in understanding is of course very important, there is still a deeper wisdom. In truth, you are not a being of any kind, physical or spiritual. You are pure awareness! And most importantly, this awareness is the Divine Awareness, the only reality that was not created. This Divine Awareness is the source of all of creation and it is the only witness to it. This is your true fundamental self and this Source-Awareness is looking out of your eyes right now!

Before I close, I should mention that your body and soul are not merely windows, they are also instruments used by the One Awareness. While that is more than I can go into right now, I want to mention that God is purifying your soul by removing all selfish and self-centered desires and tendencies and you may find that as your trust in your soul’s guidance grows, it expands into the complete trust in God’s ever-present and infinite love. Take some time to think about that.

If you enjoy reading about enlightenment and spiritual awakening in simple, clear English, perhaps you will be inspired to check out more of my work. These essays are not just “teasers” since I always cover what I think are the most important and helpful points in every essay. I don’t hold back. I also talk about conscious creation in a way that you might not be familiar with. For those of you who want to go deeper into these subjects, I offer my book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment.

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This essay was written on August 12, 2019.

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