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What Is the Meaning of Life?

by Thomas Razzeto

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Notice that the word “love” has no intrinsic meaning. Instead, someone chose to correlate the word “love” with kindness and compassion, two concepts that already existed. From that point forward, the word “love” could be used in a practical way as long as everyone agreed with this definition.

Similarly, life itself has no intrinsic meaning. But it also lacks a single agreed upon practical meaning. Instead, we all get to pick our own practical meaning. Notice this word “practical” – what can be put into practice in a useful or helpful way. More on that in a minute.

Now, some people stay stuck on the fact that life has no intrinsic mean at all and this might lead them into despair. They might even adopt a cold, heartless attitude. It seems to me that without the genuine expression of kindness and compassion, people will frequently become unhappy. Learning to open up to the full flow of love can be very beneficial and since many people find their life’s purpose in being happy, kind and compassionate, let’s look into this a bit more.

In my opinion, your life is not about creating specific outer circumstances so that you can then become happy and the universe is not your personal mail order catalog simply waiting for you to clearly make up your mind and place your order as some people have claimed. If you are not happy most of the time, then I suggest that you first change the core beliefs that are preventing you from being happy right now.

Your most natural state of being is the one filled with joy and peace. Think about that for a while. And notice that it takes no effort to simply be in your natural state. When you let go of fear, this is what you relax into. And in a very beautiful way, this is the optimum state for God’s love to flow through. It is easier for a happy person to be a loving person.

At its deepest level, this is about releasing limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough to be loved” or “I don’t fit into this world” and embracing the core beliefs that you are good enough to be loved and that you do fit into this world beautifully. This allows you to be open to the changes that God’s love, wisdom and power will bring you.

As your trust in God grows, you will discover that peace and joy are always available to you, no matter what your circumstances are. This recognition gives you the freedom to comfortably put your values of caring and sharing into action with a spontaneous aliveness that you have not known before. How beautiful is that?

The process of spiritual liberation does not culminate in the power to create whatever you want. Liberation means that you are free of all selfish and self-centered desires and that you clearly understand that your emotional state of being is your own choice in every moment. This is entirely up to you. All outer conditions are completely powerless in every way. You are never a victim of anything or anyone.

Since all of creation is just a type of dream, you have no reason to be worried or upset about any difficulties and all fear can fall away. Nothing has any absolute or lasting substance of its own. And yet, it is God who is taking form as everything in the dream, so everything is divinely precious.

This perspective allows you to emotional accept all of life without any pushback against what you dislike or any desperate clinging to what you do like. And yet paradoxically you still lovingly and fearlessly work for a better world in all the ways that you are joyously and unselfishly inspired. In the deepest way possible, this will automatically bring forth what is best for you and also what is best for everyone. So everything matters and we always work for the good, as best we can.

The greatest gift you can give the world is the gift of yourself as polished up by God. So let God’s infinite love continue to flow to you and through you, polishing you up a bit more every day!

The End

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This essay was written on August 14, 2019.

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