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The Seven Key Spiritual Awakenings

by Thomas Razzeto

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In this essay, I will talk about what I consider the most significant spiritual awakenings.

Please note that we call these awakenings “awakenings” since they seem to happen suddenly and yet they are never instantly complete, just like waking up in the morning. These awakenings always have a period of deepening, and this deepening can last years or even lifetimes. During this time, these concepts are transformed from mere ideas into a living truth that sparkles within your soul.

Also note that these awakenings can occur in any order or in any combination, including all at once. So with that in mind, here is my opinion of the most significant awakenings.

1) You have a soul.

This can be revealed by the study of certain experiences such as Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBEs), conscious memory of past lives, communication with spirits who have passed away, and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). Some of this study can be in the form of your direct, personal experience. I don’t write much about these subjects since there are many excellent authors who offer fascinating books on all of these subjects.

2) You exist fundamentally as pure Awareness, not as a body or even as a soul.

3) There is only One Awareness.

4) This Awareness arises as each and every thing it is aware of. This is why my mentor, Timothy Conway, and I refer to this awareness as “Source-Awareness.”

I wrote about the above three awakenings in this essay:

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5) There is a difference between Awareness and consciousness.

In my essay “What Is Enlightenment,” (linked below) I cover many points and one of them is the difference between Awareness and consciousness. Here is an excerpt from that essay:

While it seems like your personal consciousness is what perceives our world, in truth, your personal consciousness has no sentience of its own; it perceives nothing. In one way, it is like a window and a window cannot see anything. Yet your personal consciousness provides a unique and dynamic point of view used by the One Awareness. Only this Awareness has the power to perceive.

What we think of as our personal power of perception is actually the sentience of the One True Self sensing the world through the point of view of our personal consciousness.

The ancient texts use the word “jiva” to refer to the personal consciousness and my mentor, Timothy Conway, also translates this as “the soul.” All three terms mean the same thing. Timothy emphasizes that your personal consciousness is not a limited or smaller version of this Absolute Awareness with a diminished or restricted power of perception.

You can read more here:

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6) Your outer circumstances have no power over your inner emotional state of being. You can choose to be happy and at peace at every moment.

This is what the Buddhists call “detachment” but that is a very misunderstood word. You are not detached from the world. Instead, you are fully engaged in life and you let all your emotions arise naturally while dwelling in a Divine Bliss that is deep enough to hold all human emotion. You are available to express kindness and compassion at any time, with anyone, including yourself. More here:

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... and here:

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7) The core beliefs, emotions and actions of each person create the experiences and circumstances of that person.

A significant awakening occurs when a person shifts from what is often called “unconscious creation” to “conscious creation” but I should quickly point out that this does not mean that they then have the power to be, do and have whatever they want in this lifetime. It means that they can more easily live a life much more closely aligned to the purpose (or theme) they chose before they incarnated. They can be reasonably happy most of the time while being a kind and compassionate person.

You can read more here:

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As you take your time to ponder what I offer, perhaps you will begin to see why I like to say:

You are the mountains, you are the rivers, you are the sea. You are the sky, you are the sun, you are the moon. You are all of created reality and yet you are none of that fundamentally.

Fundamentally, you are pure Awareness, Source-Awareness, the Divine Source of everything.

You are the dream and you are the Dreamer.

As you can see, I offer plenty of free essays that present the most important points regarding enlightenment and spiritual awakening. If you enjoy these essays, perhaps you will be inspired to check out my book which might bring you even greater clarity.

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I hope this essay has been helpful for you.

Thanks for visiting my website! In truth, I honor your divine nature.

All my best, Thomas Razzeto

Written April 28, 2019.

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