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Foreword to “Living the Paradox of Enlightenment”

written by my mentor, Timothy Conway

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An old saying in Zen has it that “no mouth is big enough to utter This.”

Having presumed for over 30 years to publicly babble utterances about This - the glorious Open Awareness that is our Unborn True Nature, the all-transcending yet all-embracing Reality - i am very, very happy to hear Truth being articulated in a clear and often quite unique way by “ another mouth.”

Over 20 years ago i had the pleasure to first meet Thomas Razzeto (in this lifetime anyway), and regularly for the last eight years have enjoyed his delightful presence at our weekly satsang meetings. (“Satsang” means “ Divine assembly” or “ association in Truth.”) Thomas’ voice in the book you are holding is transparent for who i know him to be on the personal level: a true gentleman (in the old Daoist and Confucian sense) - a living presence of loving-kindness, compassion, simple joy, and quietly deep (boundless!) openness.

In this gem of a book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment, Thomas in his ever-friendly, brotherly way has generously shared a wealth of insights on how “your” life can be opened to the One Life underlying all lives - the Pure Awareness that is Source and Witness for all personal consciousnesses. This is the awesome Power of Reality that is doing everything and being everyone, the One Spirit Who is manifesting and animating all souls, the One Self of all selves.

One of the aspects of this book that I really commend and recommend is that Thomas has not just integrated and presented the nondual perspective and teachings about the One True Self (Absolute Awareness) based on the core teachings of our ongoing satsangs, and the crucial importance of a spiritually sane balance of deconstructive wisdom and empathetic compassion, but that he has also explored with readers how this all works vis-a-vis conditioned belief systems and relative viewpoints. Along this line, his short but rich chapters 1 through 5 are alone worth the (inexpensive) price of the book. And Chapter 6 - about one of Thomas’ own profoundly deep awakenings during a wrenching experience of loss - shows how this works even in dramatic, difficult circumstances. Subsequent chapters explore all of this more fully, continuing his adept use of illustrative stories and choice metaphors.

In these ways, his book serves as a very useful “wake up call” to help you, the reader, live from a much vaster Reality than what you might have thought was “real.” Thomas has wisely seen through the illusions of the narrow, unsatisfying self-sense. He shows how certain belief-systems can confuse people and stunt their outlook. And he knows the delicious paradoxes that pertain upon awakening from the narrow “me-dream” to the wide-open Truth of our real Being, such as the grand paradox that we are fully Divine as the lucidly clear Essential Self while also pretending to be fully human in our current, poignant manifestation as the personal consciousness associated with the mortal body-mind. He knows that we are, in fact, the One adventuring as the Many, the Unlimited Reality playing with apparent limitations in the vividly-experienced “relative reality” (the dream-like space-time play of material-mental phenomena).

With a sense of the serendipity of all this, Thomas invites you to investigate for yourself what's really right HERE (closer than the body-mind), right NOW (before you can even think about it), and how this Truth can beautifully manifest within a given life. He clears up a number of rampant misunderstandings and “half-truths” parading in our society as “spirituality” but which ultimately bring only confusion, frustration, and/or stagnation if one remains entangled in these positions.

So please consider well the insights presented by Thomas. They can serve as a lovely light helping illumine your own direct contemplation of real Truth, the Truth of Spirit discovered by authentic sages.

Verily, “this Truth shall set you free” into Your Innate Freedom.

Bowing directionlessly to Thy Infinite Nature

- Timothy Conway

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Written in October 2013 for the first edition of my book, Living the Paradox of Enlightenment.

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