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My Thoughts on Being a Mystic

by Thomas Razzeto

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A mystic is someone who sees that God is arising as all of creation. So God is not just the Source of creation, God is creation.

A mystic’s state of being is one of peace and joy and they recognize that this state of being is everyone’s natural state of being. It arises when we let go of fear and selfishness. A mystic understands the true nature of reality so clearly that they dwell in this natural state most of the time. This is what allows them to always be available for kindness and compassion.

A mystic knows how to find value and benefit in all circumstances and they do so without any struggle. There is an easy, downhill flow to their life. All the energy and wisdom necessary to participate lovingly in the world is available at every moment. A mystic knows that if something is needed, either for their body or their soul, it will indeed be present, and this is done with the full emotional acceptance of the fact that still one day they will have to let go of their body.

A mystic knows that their heart and mind can easily work together. The heart and mind are like two hands and one hand washes the other. Together they purify the mystic by removing all selfishness from their heart and all false ideas from their mind. There is never any conflict between their heart and mind because a mystic knows both are so profoundly valuable when each one is allowed to do the job they were designed to do. A mystic knows that their heart and mind are always aligned to the single purpose of sharing the one love of God with everyone.

A mystic understands that when they simply choose to love themselves, God’s love will instantly appear within their heart and soul, and this love will overflow into the world where they can easily offer genuine kindness and compassion to everyone.

A mystic does not carry a shield or wield a sword since a mystic sees clearly that if they hold the core belief that they need to protect themselves from attacks by others, such attacks become more likely. They also know that what they really are in the deepest way can never be harmed. Yet they still wear their seat belt (without fear) and take good care of their body. This is just being practical and a mystic knows that the wisest wisdom is practical wisdom.

A mystic gently moves along the path towards enlightenment while holding a clear understanding of what enlightenment really is. As this enlightenment deepens within the soul of the mystic, their love for everyone also grows deeper.

You can tell you are with a mystic when they tell you this:

You are the mountains, you are the rivers, you are the sea. You are the sky, you are the sun, you are the moon. You are all of created reality and yet you are none of that fundamentally. Fundamentally, you are pure Awareness, Source-Awareness, the Divine Source of everything. You are the dream and you are the Dreamer.

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This essay was written on September 2, 2019.

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