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Bashar: Conscious Creation
How to create your life in harmony with your soul and God

by Thomas Razzeto

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This essay will help you develop a practical understanding of the process of creation. Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka, says that the creative process has three parts:

1) Beliefs
2) Emotions and
3) Action

The creative process is a law that is always in effect. It is not something you need to discover or even believe in before it starts working. This means that you can immediately start validating it by examining your past beliefs, emotions and actions while looking at what showed up in your life. In my book, I talk about what I learned when I examined my life and I hope that will be helpful for you.

Positive results can only come from positive beliefs, emotions and actions. With an honest effort and a little practice with the simple tools offered in the essay linked at the end, many people will be able to quickly and easily shift to a positive approach and receive the corresponding positive results.

Many popular books have simplified this subject far too much and this has caused confusion and frustration. For example, the idea that you can be, do and have anything you want (in this life) is simply not true. Yet you can learn to consciously use the creative process to get positive results. So if you are stuck in an unconscious loop of negative beliefs, emotions and actions, know that you really can shift to a positive approach that will make a significant difference in what you experience in your life.

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You have chosen a theme to explore in this life

Let’s start our exploration of this fascinating subject with this important question: Can you really create anything at all? What is the scope of your freewill and creative power?

Well, in a general sense, you (as a soul) can incarnate in every way imaginable and you have chosen a certain theme to explore in this life. Here’s what Bashar says about this:

“There are two types of freewill: the freewill of the physical you, the physical consciousness you know yourself to be [and] the freewill of what you might call the higher consciousness, the total being. Now the freewill of the higher consciousness usually will express itself in your terminology as what you perceive as predestination or fate but it only expresses its freewill in that sense in the most generalized of terms. All of the specifics of how you experience the freewill of the higher consciousness is up to the freewill of the physical being you are in this world at this time.

“[Here’s an] analogy [...]. Let us say [that] before you chose this physical life, [when] you were more blended with your higher self, you determined that through and down a specific hallway in this life, you would [travel]. That is your general theme, your general destiny.

“How you [travel] down that hallway is up to the freewill of your physical being. You can walk, you can run, you can go in the light, you can go in the dark, you can go alone, you can go with friends, you can swim, you can fly, you can go backwards, you can go upside-down, you can look [in] all the doorways [along] the way, [or] you can go [directly] right to the end. It is up to you how you [travel] down that hallway, but [travel] down that hallway, you will, because that is the basic experience that your total soul [...] desires to have.” [1]

So your higher self (your total being) is indeed free to explore whatever it desires though many lives. Your personal consciousness (your soul) is an expression or emanation of your higher self and you use your personal consciousness to freely explore your chosen theme in this life.

The idea that you can have an infinite number of choices within certain limits might seem impossible but it really can be true. Here’s an example to help you understand this.

Consider the ukulele. It’s fairly small and can’t play very loud. It only has four strings and a modest musical range. Yet I once heard a ukulele virtuoso passionately explain that he had fallen in love with his ukulele precisely because of all its limitations. And, boy, could you hear this love affair come alive when he played! And notice that an infinite number of songs can be played on this limited instrument. What a delightful paradox!

If your higher self has chosen an incarnation where you will metaphorically be playing a ukulele, you will now be able to choose if you want to play happy songs or sad songs, fast songs or slow songs, and so forth. You will have an infinite number of ways to express yourself but sounding like a tuba just isn’t inline with your current theme.

So your higher self chose the general limitations of physical reality and the initial circumstances of your life. Yet once you got here, you lost sight of those choices because you are now focusing on the world with the more limited view of the consciousness of the physical person (personal or physical consciousness). This is often referred to as forgetting but the higher mind has not really forgotten anything. However, this memory is not available to your physical consciousness. Note that physical consciousness is not itself a physical thing, it is just focused on the physical world.

It is important to note that all themes offer the potential for great joy and spiritual growth so don’t be afraid of being trapped in a theme full of pain and suffering. However, if you try to go outside of the limitations of your current theme, you might become frustrated or confused. But rest assured that when you adopt a positive attitude while still working and playing within those boundaries, you will avoid most of that frustration.

As the wisdom of conscious creation grows deeper within you, you will learn to tune in to the unselfish inspirations that will arise for you. These inspirations are what guide you through your life within the boundaries of your theme. In my book, I talk more about pursuing these exciting, wholesome inspirations while simultaneously surrendering totally and completely to the Divine Will, another delightful paradox.

Since your core beliefs are at the beginning of the creative process, all effective change will start there. What is most helpful now is releasing your unnecessary limiting beliefs about yourself, the world, and how you fit into it. Then you will be free to joyfully explore your chosen theme and put your values of kindness and compassion spontaneously into action with an aliveness that cannot be matched!

The following essay goes into how to change your core beliefs and what to do if you are not getting the results you want. Here’s the link – Seth: “You create your own reality!”

Well, that’ll wrap it up for today. I hope you found this helpful.

In truth, I honor your divine nature.

All my best, Thomas Razzeto

Written April 28, 2023.

[1] 47:30 into this YouTube video:
Darryl Anka & Bashar Full TV Interview 1987 [FIXED AUDIO]

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