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Elan and Bashar, as channeled by Andrew

Andrew channeling Elan circa 1992
Andrew channeling Elan circa 1992

Andrew channeled Bashar and then Elan in the early 1990s but after only a few years, Andrew stepped away from channeling completely. In my opinion, this is why Andrew is not as well known as Darryl Anka, who started channeling Bashar in the mid-1980s and has continued to do so for over 35 years.

Elan and Bashar are indeed separate personalities but Bashar is the “frontman” (his word) in the following channeling session. Listen carefully to the first five minutes to learn more about how Bashar, Elan and Andrew work together. But don't stop there, the entire clip is excellent.

Bashar, as channeled by Andrew: The Ultimate Truth

In the first five minutes, Bashar explains that Andrew is being trained to channel another "individual" (his word), which turns out to be Elan. Listen carefully, for there has been a lot of confusion about whether Elan and Bashar are the same individual since they sound so similar and use some of the exact same phrases. Although they are not the same, their energy-personalities have been blended together for virtually all of Andrew's channeling sessions. (“Blended” is the word Bashar used.)

Elan dictated a FREE 64-page ebook titled: Lights, Camera, Action!

Here are the free audio recordings of that dictation. The free ebook is linked below.

Pay attention when Elan talks about aligning to the overall theme (or purpose) that you have chosen for your life. This is one of the most important points about conscious creation that many people, both teachers and students, seem to miss completely.

Elan: Lights, Camera, Action! Part 1 of 3: Clarifying Your Vision

Elan: Lights, Camera, Action! Part 2 of 3: Definitions and Deservability

Elan: Lights, Camera, Action! Part 3 of 3: Action

If you receive benefit from these audio clips, you will probably enjoy (and benefit greatly from) much of what Elan has to offer.

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Two FREE ebooks by Elan

Here are the links to Elan's ebooks. You can read the PDF books right now by clicking on the links below or you can print them or download them by clicking on the links below and then clicking the printer or download icon on the screen that appears. The link to download the ebook in epub format will immediately ask you to pick your download folder.

      Lights, Camera, Action! (PDF, 64 pages),
      Lights, Camera, Action! (Download the ebook in standard epub format)
      Your Power on a Plate, Second Edition 2024 (PDF, 333 pages)

Here are a few more audio recordings of Bashar and Elan from the early 1990s:

Elan: It's up to you

Bashar-Elan: Unconditionally Yours

Elan: Conscious Creators

Elan: Aspects of the Infinite

Three very helpful FREE websites

In September 2020, someone created a website which offers for FREE some of the work that Andrew did with Bashar and Elan. In March 2024, they started to add more content, along with adding content to their YouTube and Instagram accounts. Here are the links:

      Elan Interactions

      Elan on YouTube

      Elan on Instagram

I hope this material helps you get a feel for both Elan’s personality and his perspective on conscious creation.

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