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Donations and Amazon reviews are a big help

Of course donations are greatly appreciated but I also want to let you know that buying the book on Amazon and then writing a review is also very helpful. People are much more comfortable when they see that a book has 50 to 100 reviews. As you can see, I am pretty far from that right now. But perhaps by letting you know how much of a help it is, there will be more reviews soon. That would be great.

Also please note this:

While you can write a review without buying the book on Amazon, if you do buy it there, your review will have a special red label next to it: Verified Purchase. This is very important since it gives the review credibility. Without it, people wonder if the reviewer has even read a single page of the book! They often think the reviewer is just doing the author a personal favor rather than providing the unbiased feedback that they are looking for.

Anyway, thanks for considering a donation and/or a review.

Here's the link to make a donation: Donations are appreciated

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