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My interview on the Dave Glover Show:

Thomas Razzeto on The Dave Glover Show October 3, 2019:

Two interviews with Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett was kind enough to interview me for both his podcast on May 30, 2018 and his radio show on June 10, 2018. Each interview was about an hour. While Richard's shows are mainly focused on conspiracies, he was gracious enough to take a break from that and talk about enlightenment and spiritual awakening with me. I also like to talk about the serious shortcomings of the book, The Secret, and why I think that the Seth books, as channeled by Jane Roberts, offer a much more helpful approach to creating a fulfilling life. So Richard and I go into that in both interviews, too. The links are below and there are no ads. Enjoy!

Thomas Razzeto on Richard Syrett's podcast:

Thomas Razzeto on Richard Syrett's radio show:


Santa Barbara Satsang with Thomas Razzeto - August 2, 2016

Here's the slightly edited 40-minute YouTube video of our spiritual discussion (satsang) at the Unity Church in Santa Barbara from August 2, 2016:


Thomas Razzeto on Buddha at the Gas Pump - April 23, 2016

This is a full two-hours so it will certainly give you a feel for my personality and the teachings that I offer for your consideration.

You can see more videos on my YouTube channel

By the way, if you like to listen to audio, don't miss the 75-hours of completely free audio recordings that I made of my mentor, Timothy Conway. I have listened to these many times.

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