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Alexander, as channeled by Ramón Stevens

Ramón Stevens with Robert Butts
Ramón Stevens (left) with Robert Butts

As you can see in the picture above, Ramón Stevens and Robert Butts spent some time together. Robert Butts was married to Jane Roberts who channeled all the Seth books. Ramón and Robert met after Jane had passed away.

Ramón channeled five books dictated by Alexander between 1988 and 2009. I have read and highly recommend these two: Conscious Life (1991) and Whatever Happened To Divine Grace? (1988). Divine Grace is out of print but maybe you can find a used copy. While I did not read the other three books, I would almost for sure also recommend those books. In some ways, I find these books from Alexander easier to understand than the Seth books, but you might find it the other way around.

Here is the US Amazon link to Conscious Life: Creating Your Reality

Although Ramón passed away in 2012, there still was an official website for the work of Alexander with some excellent links to some free material plus links to where you could buy all five of his books, some in print form, some as ebooks and some as both. Yet it went offline in April 2024. If it comes back online, I will provide a link.

Even though I have little to offer here on this page regarding Alexander, his work was a significant guiding light for both how I live my life and what I have written in my book.

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